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New video added to my youtube channel!

It's been a busy week or two, but here's the latest free video I've just added to my YouTube channel..and I think you could find it useful if you use Excel as a CRM o Project Tracker...

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This is a lecture I recorded in response to a student question in the VBA part of the course (Excel Essentials Level 3 - VBA Programming), which will teach you everything you will ever need to know about coding in VBA.

All the code is there on the screen for anyone to use, free, gratis, and for no charge :) Though I hope it will guide some of you to get the should, it's really useful.

So, another student question, this time about using VBA in a project tracker to automatically add a date stamp and a " - " after it, so the user can just hit the button, and start typing.

So far so simple, BUT if there is already something in the cell, we want to KEEP whatever is there, simulate hitting F2 to edit the cell contents, go to the end of the current cell contents, add a soft carriage return to get us to a new line, and THEN add the date stamp - ...after all that, the interesting part is that we want the cursor to go directly to the insertion point, so the user can begin typing immediately.

Really useful if you have something like a CRM system where you keep a record of all actions against a customer, or a project, or whatever it is that you want to keep an "action" log of!

We'll use something we haven't covered in the course yet, SENDKEYS...and that's something that could come in very useful :)

Okay, you will find the full VBA code here, with a complete walkthrough of what each line does.


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