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New video added to my YouTube Channel!

It's been a while, but I'm back, and I have just added another great new video to my YouTube channel!

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This is a lecture I recorded in response to a student question in the VBA part of the course (Excel Essentials Level 3 - VBA Programming), which will teach you everything you will ever need to know about coding in VBA.

All the code is there on the screen for anyone to use, free, gratis, and for no charge :) Though I hope it will guide some of you to get the should, it's really useful.

A great question from Katerina...

She has a huge data table, with various data sets segmented off into groups (like all sales from shop A could be lines 2-99, shop B could be 100-105, shop C 106-457 and so on.

What we want to do here, is reuse the same array to read Shop A's data, then go away and perform some other clever stuff on THAT data block using code you have already written, then empty the array, and reuse it for shop B, than then C...and all the way until we have been through every variation.

The advantage in this approach is that you only need one array, and you can reuse it, rather than having a seperate array for each "Shop" you may have (which could be a different number each time). Hope it may help you too! Happy coding, and enjoy!

Be sure to check out the other videos on the channel...there are quite a few!

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