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The first video of 2021 added to my YouTube Channel!

It's been a while, but I'm back, and I have just added another great new video to my YouTube channel!

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This is a lecture I recorded in response to a student question in the VBA part of the course (Excel Essentials Level 3 - VBA Programming), which will teach you everything you will ever need to know about coding in VBA.

All the code is there on the screen for anyone to use, free, gratis, and for no charge :) Though I hope it will guide some of you to get the should, it's really useful.

A great question from a Level 3 student, Anat.

This lecture is about how to protect specific cells (lock them) so users can only access the cells you want them to have access to. Ideal if you have a list of some kind, where you only want the user to be able to add new entries, but not change any of the existing data.

What we do on a WorkbookOpen event, is lock everything except the first blank row, and also lock any cells in that row where we have formulas (so users can't break them!).

Next, we will add some automatic data validation. This will ensure that your users only input the kind of data that is expected in each a date cell can only hold a date, for example. If it turns out that the user has entered something incorrect, the validation routine will colour any errors in in red, so they are obvious to the user and they can correct them.

Nice and simple, and very useful!


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