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Fake Reviews

As some of you will know, I have just under 130k students worldwide across different platforms (129,666 to be precise).

Mostly, students are genuine, but every so often the odd one tries to review bomb a course and tell outright lies without breaching Trust and Safety measures (I know, it seems incredibly strange to me too).

So, in response to a review from a certain student, who stated:

"Nobody answer in the Q/A section....."

Which is just not true, I publish the screenshot below to show the review for what it is. I have included a time and date stamp from Windows:

The 9 you can see up the corner, are messages from courses I am enrolled in :)

At last count (which I did in response to another "fake" review) a few weeks ago, I have been asked, and answered, almost 1,500 questions from genuine students, either on the course itself, or relating to projects they are working on. And, as you will know if you are a student, I continue to be happy to help!

Have a great day, and stay well.


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