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Monthly Free Course Giveaway

Every month, I will be giving away 10 free slots in each of my stand-alone courses. Be sure to check here often, but be aware, it is strictly first come first served...

PLEASE don't enrol in a course if you never intend to do it just because it's free. Instead, leave those spaces for those who intend to use them. Remember, for some people, it may be the only way they can access the courses...

This is the page to come to when you want to get access to any of my stand-alone courses completely free!
Monthly FREE Course Giveaway

Darn, I Missed the free spot!

Don't worry if you missed the free spot this month, you can still get a huge discount by following the links on this site, but to be sure you are getting the best possible price, read on...

As you know, there are 2 ways to access my courses, through subscription via the excellent SkillShare platform (see bottom of any page on this site for details), or by purchasing lifetime access via the equally excellent Udemy platform.

If you don't get one of the free spaces, and you do want to buy the course (as opposed to the subscription), please check the referral links below, as they can sometimes work out cheaper than following the links from the course pages here. The reason for this is a change in the way Udemy allow instructors to create coupons...we can set a price which is fixed for 31 days which means I can publish that price here and be certain it will be available to you, or we can choose a "current best price option" in which we cannot fix the price, and it only lasts 5 days.

Obviously, I want to show the pricing on the site, as you want to know what it will cost, right?

Enough already, where are the free access links?

They're right here:

Class Referral links:

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