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Another new video added to my YouTube channel!

Lockdown continues, but that's no reason we still can't learn something useful, right? So, I've added another free video to my YouTube channel..and if you ever have to extract huge data sets from a database and break them down into individual files, this one's gonna be a game changer for you!

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This is a lecture I recorded in response to a student question in the VBA part of the course (Excel Essentials Level 3 - VBA Programming), which will teach you everything you will ever need to know about coding in VBA.

All the code is there on the screen for anyone to use, free, gratis, and for no charge :) Though I hope it will guide some of you to get the should, it's really useful.

So, this is another SQA (Student Questions Answered) lecture, this one from Neil...and it's a great one...

What Neil has is a huge data set that he extracts from a SAP ERP system (though it could be ANY database), and what he wants to do is extract only selected specific records (say by customer, or sales person, or stock code), write them to a "template" file. Then save each groups data in that template to a specific folder, and rename the "template" file to the date and the customers name (you could save it any way that suits you).

As you can imagine, you could adapt this to all kinds of scenarios. So, if you deal with large data sets, and have to create individual reports, this could save you hours of work!

You will find the full VBA code here, with a complete walkthrough of what each line does.


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