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A little late, but I've just added another video to my YouTube channel!

At the best of times, I'm not sure what day it is (no concept of time, ask anyone who knows me :)) Anyway, I meant to post this on Sunday, but turns out it's now Tuesday, so...

...I've added another free video to my YouTube channel...

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This is a lecture I recorded in response to a student question in the VBA part of the course (Excel Essentials Level 3 - VBA Programming), which will teach you everything you will ever need to know about coding in VBA.

All the code is there on the screen for anyone to use, free, gratis, and for no charge :) Though I hope it will guide some of you to get the should, it's really useful.

So, this is another SQA (Student Questions Answered) lecture, this one from Pascal...and it's a great one...

A very simple problem, and a very easy solution. Imagine the have a workbook with hundreds of sheets, and you want to find a specific value, the name of a sales person for suspect it's in one of those sheets, but which one? What if there's a thousand sheets, and it's in sheet number 999, or worse yet, it's not in any of them! It could take hours using CTRL+F on each and every sheet, but if we automate that process with a bit of code, we can do it in seconds...much more efficient, I think you'll agree :)

So, all the code is here, and a complete walkthrough of how it works.


Be sure to check out the other videos on the channel...there are quite a few!

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