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Super Memory Essentials:
The Step-By-Step System To Develop A Perfect Memory
Super Memory Secrets To Recall Names, Dates, Facts And Figures, And Ace Exams Faster Than Ever With A Perfect Memory!

This is the course I wish I had 30 years ago...

You're probably reading this because you want to see if it's possible to hone your memory skills to the point that you never forget an important piece of information again. A name. A face. A birthday. An anniversary. The atomic number of Plutonium...

Actually, you know it can be done, because some lucky people can do it. You may even know some of them...The question is, how do they do it, and can you learn to do it too?

Let me take you back to the eighties, when it was cool not to wear socks (the first time around), and wear pastel coloured suits just like Don Johnson in Miami Vice...

...When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I had to sit a total of 13 professional exams. I bluffed my way through most of them...I say bluffed, but I was actually pretty good at my job, so I knew the answers intuitively...but there was one exam that was a problem. A BIG problem: Contract law...


You see, the thing is, with a contract law exam, there's no bluffing your way through it. You may understand the basics, but you can't guess the names of the parties, or when the law was passed...and to pass the exam, you had to be able to cite case law. Lots and lots of case law. There's no way around it.

I failed the exam (spectacularly)...twice.


It seemed the harder I studied (and we're talking a lot of hours here) the worse my memory became. I learned one new thing, and forgot two old things. I asked my law professor how he knew so many cases, and he said he'd been a practicing solicitor for 30 years, and it comes with experience...but I hadn't got experience...or 30 years!

I was in trouble, so I did the thing that most young men do when faced with such a monumental issue in life...I sat on the couch, and put the television on...

It was a Saturday night, I remember it clearly. There was a show called "Monkhouse's Memory Masters", hosted by Bob was a game show, where regular members of the public were "trained" to develop perfect memories. And these guys were recalling hundreds and hundreds of facts...impressive. But more impressive to me was that they learned how to do this in a matter of hours! yes, HOURS!

I gleaned what I could from the clips in the show, and then spent every penny I had in the local book store buying and devouring every book in print on how to develop these super-human feats of recall. I thought it must be something new and revolutionary...but it turns out these systems have been around since the Greeks!


So why wasn't everyone doing this?

It's now 30 years on, and I still have the same question.

The truth is, ANYONE can learn these systems, and train their memory to become almost perfect. Not just for an exam you're taking next week, but store the information forever...

And that is precisely what you will learn in this course. In just a few hours, you will be able to memorise anything...perfectly. To get you started, in this course you will master:

  1. How to encode information, so it can be recalled instantly...ALWAYS!

  2. How to memorize foreign languages!

  3. How to memorize the US state capitals

  4. How to memorize the European capitals

  5. How to memorize ancient Greek and Roman Mythology

  6. How to memorize names and faces

  7. How to memorize numbers and dates

  8. How to memorize the planets (in order)

  9. How to memorize wedding anniversaries & birthdays

  10. How to memorize the 10 Commandments

  11. How to memorize collective nouns

  12. How to memorize the names of phobias


...does that sound like a good use of a few hours of your life? I thought so!

If so, taking THIS course could be the best decision you ever made. It literally could change your life. It did mine.

Enrol now, and I'll see you in the course...

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