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Microsoft Excel Essentials:
Level 2 - Intermediate/Advanced
From Excel User To Super-User - Use Excel Like The Pro's, Easily, And Step-By-Step
For Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365

Over 170,000 students in 204 countries are becoming Excel masters with THIS series! 

Excel is the most in commonly used and in demand tool for making sense of data. When you can harness that power, you will be a sought after employee. If you run a business, being proficient in Excel can help you see your business in a completely different light.

THIS course will take your Excel skills to the next level!  

So, you have an understanding of the basics, but would you like to use Excel like the professionals? If so, read on…

For students who have already completed Level 1 in this series, or already have a good basic understanding of Excel, what you will learn in this course will supercharge your skills... and your career.  

What other students are saying:

“…very easy to understand and is clear and concise, I highly recommend both of his courses, they have helped me so much at work” Jonathan Balmforth

So, What’s Inside?  

  • Over 70 bite-sized lectures

  • 7.5 hours of quality HD content

  • All the source files for each project

  • Access to me (in case you have any questions)!


You will learn powerful and little known techniques to enable you to build your own powerful spreadsheet solutions. We will do this by creating multiple projects together, step-by-step, and in depth to guarantee your understanding. Each projects builds on the last, so your skills develop cumulatively.

You will learn how to combine multiple functions in a simple way to create powerful solutions that most users believe can't be done in Excel!  

Each project in the course is designed to introduce a range of concepts that showcase the true power of Excel, and show you what is really possible.  

In project one:  

  • The fastest way to create powerful dynamic templates (by cheating!)

  • Custom formatting

  • Manipulating calculations with time and dates

  • Conditional formatting

  • Simple and nested logical testing

  • Building complex and dynamic text strings

  • ActiveX controls (and how to customize them)

“AMAZING - I love the course, and I love the teaching style. If you want to be a super user, get this course!”Beatrice

In project two:

  • Building a fully functional complex relational database

  • A Masterclass in Vlookups (WAY beyond the basics here!)

  • Importing data from multiple sources

  • Controlling user entry

“Fantastic Course - Alan breaks everything down in to simple steps, so you can actually follow it and understand how it all fits together. Can't wait to try some of this out”Nickie Student

In project three:  

  • Creating named ranges (and why you would want to)

  • Building dynamic named ranges

  • Getting Excel to create them for you!

  • A powerful trick very few users know about!

“…this course contributes extra features to Level 1 in such a way as to improve the quality of your learning. I will recommend it again for sure :-)”Alex  


In project four:  

  • Hyperlinking (so it ALWAYS works!)

  • Creating Macros, and using them to automate your work!

  • Executing Macros from buttons

  • Dropdown lists

  • Building dynamic formulas using Excel’s Indirect function

In project five:

  • Project management made simple with Gantt charting!

  • Have your chart timeline ALWAYS begin at the best date 

  • Nesting multiple logical tests (simply!)

  • Making your timeline completely dynamic by changing a single cell!

This isn't just a course with a bunch of formulas, it's hands on guide through real life projects. You will learn how to build complex solutions using the very same methods I use.   

Become the Excel guru I know you can be, with the help of this course!  

Enrol now, and I’ll see you in the course!  

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